10.06.23 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Empowering Nepalese Girls: The Impact of the Little Sisters Fund and Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

The Little Sisters Fund (LSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting injustice and poverty. Established with a vision to transform the lives of Nepalese girls facing adversity, LSF provides a beacon of hope, education, and empowerment. Since its inception in 1998, LSF has grown to support the education of nearly 2,000 girls in 21 districts of Nepal. This substantial impact has been achieved through the institution of ten comprehensive programs that address a range of injustices. 

The Little Sisters Fund is on a mission to protect girls in Nepal from the dire consequences of child trafficking, child marriage, and child labor. It seeks to break the cycles of poverty, inequality, and oppression that have hindered generations of Nepalese girls and women. This is achieved through providing disadvantaged girls facing adverse conditions the opportunity to obtain an education.

The core of their mission lies in their School Scholarship Program and School Coordinators Program. These initiatives provide Nepalese girls with access to education, essential school supplies, books, and uniforms. Additionally, the programs offer crucial mentoring, counseling, and community awareness building, nurturing confident female leaders in Nepalese society.

In 2015, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation awarded a grant to LSF for the first time. CofS awarded $4,975, equivalent to supporting 25 years of education and mentoring. This grant provided 25 at-risk girls with access to school, books, uniforms and supplies, and mentoring through stipends for two School Coordinators.

The impact of this grant not only opened doors to education but also instilled hope in these young girls, empowering them to dream beyond the limitations of their circumstances. Education became a means to protect these girls from child trafficking, child marriage, and child labor, offering a way out of the harsh realities.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation’s commitment did not stop with that initial grant. In 2017, 2019, 2021, and most recently in 2023, CofS renewed its support of LSF through $5,000 grants. These grants were aimed at supporting newly admitted students – 25 in 2017, 2019, and 2021, and 22 in 2023. The impact of these scholarships continues to help break the cycles of poverty, inequality, and oppression in Nepal. They provide girls with an opportunity to receive an education, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities and the nation. The ripple effect of this support extends far beyond the individual recipients. LSF estimates that at least ten times the number of family members, friends, and community members benefit from an increased understanding of the importance of female rights, education, and empowerment.

The partnership between the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation and the Little Sisters Fund serves as a shining example of how a grant-making organization can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Through the support provided by CofS thanks to donors, trustees, and volunteers Nepalese girls have been empowered to dream, achieve, and become leaders. As they continue their journey of education and empowerment, they carry with them the hope of a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

We are proud to help the Little Sister’s Fund in empowering young girls in Nepal to reach their full potential!

Thank you to our supporters for making this possible. Be proud of your impact! 

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This article was contributed by Kinsey Davis-Corr. Volunteer and marketing strategist for the Circle of Sisterhood since 2020.