10.13.23 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Building a Brighter Future: CofS Continues Support for Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

Since our founding in 2010, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation has been removing barriers to education for girls and women worldwide. We have been fortunate to raise over $2 million thanks to our supporters. With these funds, we have been able to support organizations that are working to remove barriers to education for girls and women in thirty countries on four continents through our grant award program and school build program. 

We are excited to announce the renewal of our support for Girls, Inc. of Greater Indianapolis with a $10,000 grant in 2023. The mission of Girls, Inc. is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Their programs work to free girls from gender stereotypes empowering them to be confident, proud, prepared for their futures, and ready to take their place in the world. 

Like the Circle of Sisterhood, Girls Inc. believes that every girl should have the chance to chase her educational dreams and embrace her full potential. Over the years, CofS has extended support to Girls Inc., providing grants that have ignited positive change and empowerment. These grants have supported their Smart College and Career Planning program as well as their Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program. 

In 2012, CofS began our support of Girls Inc. with a $5,000 grant in support of their Smart College and Career Planning program. This program is designed to empower young girls by introducing them to professional women from various fields, including public health, medicine, computer software, politics, fundraising, and education. These women encourage the girls to pursue an education and to set big goals for their future. CofS recognized the importance of this program and continued the support of the program in 2013 and 2014 through $5,000 grants each. These grants supported over 140 hours of programming for girls throughout Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2020, we renewed our support of Girls Inc. through a $10,000 grant to help fund their Young Women in Leadership (YWIL) program. YWIL is a high-impact, year-long initiative that equips high school girls with the skills and knowledge necessary for their academic and professional success. This comprehensive program enhances their leadership abilities, college readiness, and career development and will ensure that 50 Greater Indianapolis 9-12th grade girls are given the chance to develop skills and knowledge critical to their future success. 

Girls participating in YWIL are motivated to achieve, experience improved academic performance, plan to graduate from high school, have post-secondary education aspirations, and set and achieve personal, educational, and career goals. YWIL also introduces them to inspiring female role models, supports their personal health and body image, and encourages them to take charge of their futures. This program is especially critical for girls facing economic hardship and girls of color. Without YWIL, they might not have the opportunity to explore less accessible career paths, prepare for post-secondary education, and effectively work toward high school graduation and career success.

In 2023, CofS continued its support for the YWIL program with another $10,000 grant. Since the grant in 2020, the YWIL program has been expanded to three area high schools, reducing transportation barriers, and making it more accessible to those who need it most. Now, up to one hundred promising yet underserved Indianapolis high school girls engage in the program as they strive for academic and professional success through enhanced leadership skills, college readiness, and career development.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation and Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis share a common goal of inspiring young girls to be strong, smart, and bold. In a world where statistics indicate that a considerable number of girls are worried about being teased and experiencing bullying, these organizations are a beacon of hope. Girls Inc. works diligently to help girls overcome these challenges and emerge as confident, prepared, and empowered individuals.

CofS support of Girls Inc. is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when like-minded entities come together to empower and uplift the next generation. These grant awards to Girls Inc. over the years, demonstrate the power of unity and determination in the pursuit of educational and professional success for girls, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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This article was contributed by Kinsey Davis-Corr. Volunteer and marketing strategist for the Circle of Sisterhood since 2020.