Get Involved

Interested? Want to get involved? We’d love to have you!

As one of the most educated communities of women in the world, the sorority community has a responsibility to help open doors to education for an entire gender that is too often prevented from having that opportunity. Among children worldwide not attending school, there are twice as many girls as boys. Among illiterate adults worldwide, there are twice as many women as men. We are the right community to be part of the solution to this global crisis.

We invite you to get involved as an individual or check to see if the sorority community on your campus is already involved or the alumnae group in your area is involved. And check out all the resources right here on our website! Many of the tools you need to prepare yourself or your community/organization to help remove barriers to education for girls and women are a click away! Check out our Campus Ambassador Starter Kit, Alumnae Organization Starter Kit and/or Fundraising Guide! Or if you want to facilitate a fundraiser yourself, check out our fundraising ideas.

Sorority women have powerful circles of influence choosing to help us achieve our mission – including family, friends, colleagues, fraternity men, etc. Whether you are an undergraduate or alumnae/i member of a sorority or a fraternity or an unaffiliated friend or family member, you can make a difference. Whatever fraternal organization or umbrella group you belong to, you can help us be part of the solution to the global crisis in girls’ education. We are all in this fight because we believe that empowered women empower other women. 

Since our founding in 2010, the support for Circle of Sisterhood by sorority women and their circles of influence across the U.S. has been overwhelming and inspiring. We are happy that more and more often, fraternity men are expressing interest in uplifting girls and women worldwide too. Because of that interest, CofS has established our Brothers for Sisters® Circle. Many fraternity men have become involved on their campuses by becoming Circle of Sisterhood ambassadors, joining Circle of Sisterhood committees, or volunteering to assist sororities in raising awareness and funds. Our impact will be even stronger when men stand with us to understand the issues affecting women worldwide and help us remove the barriers to education for girls and women. 

If you have questions about how to get involved please email with your questions.