The operations of the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation are currently facilitated by a Board of Trustees, two staff members, several independent contractors, and a volunteer pool of 50+ women dedicated to our cause.

Because we have very limited staff, we are often in need of dedicated individuals who can help advance our cause. Contact us to let us know of your interest in volunteering. We will make every effort to match your skills, abilities, and interests with our needs as soon as possible.

What else can you do?

Understand Why It’s Important to Help Girls Achieve Education

Become personally knowledgeable about the issues by increasing your own understanding of the violent and oppressive treatment of women across the globe. Such abuses needlessly claim the life of one woman per minute.


  • To learn more, read the book Half the Sky or stream the documentary to learn about many of the brutal issues women face around the world. Stream Girl Rising is another strong documentary specifically about girls’ education.
  • Encourage qualified organizations aligned with our mission to submit a grant application here.
  • Check out all of our compiled resources.

Leverage Your Influence as a Sorority Woman

You can help the Circle of Sisterhood multiply our reach to individuals, organizations, and other campus or community groups. And you can help us reach the thousands of sorority women who don’t yet know about the Circle of Sisterhood. As educated women, we can influence others to take action and help uplift our less fortunate sisters around the world. How?

  • Tell your sorority sisters, family, friends, neighbors, etc. about the good you are doing as a sorority woman and engage them in the cause as well. Use social media.
  • Share our cause and impact with as many sorority sisters as you can, whether you are an alumna or an undergraduate.
  • If you’re a collegiate sorority member, talk to your campus advisor and/or sorority leaders. Educate them and encourage their involvement.
  • If you’re an alumna sorority member, talk to your local alumnae club about how your group might get involved in helping girls go to school. If you are involved with community groups or girls’ schools – would they want to help?
  • Work with a sorority friend to host a fundraiser and invite anyone who has an interest in helping girls go to school.

Help Us Establish a Presence in the Global Community

The Circle of Sisterhood hopes to be a major contributor in uplifting the spirit of women worldwide through our visual identity, web presence, and social media activity. How?

  • We regularly post on social media. You can make an impact by sharing what we share. Together, our voices are stronger, and we can leverage the collective influence of sorority women across North America to make a difference for our sisters worldwide.
  • Use your own voice. Blog, vlog, pin, tweet, Instagram, and post anywhere you have a social media presence about the efforts you have undertaken to support the Circle of Sisterhood and improve the lives of girls and women around the world.