Raise Awareness

Awareness Raising Ideas/Resources

When you organize a fundraising activity, plan to create awareness as well. Helping others understand what you are asking them to support is critical to your success.


Host a Documentary Viewing Party

There are many documentaries that can help you educate your community about our cause. Use this Documentary Viewing Guide along with one of our favorites listed below:

Request a Speaker

We have a team of people who can participate in a virtual event to share the Circle of Sisterhood story and are happy to assign someone to your event. If you are interested in our Founder participating, there is an honorarium for Ginny to participate which is a donation to the Circle of Sisterhood.

Some of our Circle of Sisterhood volunteers are talented women who regularly speak at conferences and campus events. Are you interested in inviting a Circle of Sisterhood representative to speak about global issues affecting women and the impact sorority women are having around the world? Great!

Here is what we can offer:

  • If you have a small group of fewer than 75 people: We can arrange a video conferencing session for a chapter or small group meeting.
  • If you have a medium-sized group of more than 75 but fewer than 150 people: We will do our best to find a volunteer close enough to drive to speak to your campus for the price of gas and, if needed, a hotel room. If we cannot find a local CofS rep on the date you’ve scheduled, we will coordinate a video conferencing session.
  • A keynote speaker for your entire sorority community (200+ people): We will work with you to secure the best speaker we have available for a community-wide program about the Circle of Sisterhood. There may be a fee involved with this type of program to cover the speaker’s travel expenses and a small donation to the Circle of Sisterhood.
  • A visit from our Founder: Ginny Carroll will visit college campuses to speak about the global issues women face and the impact of this movement by our community to address those issues. There is an honorarium for her to speak which covers her travel expenses and a donation to the Circle of Sisterhood.

To request a speaker, please email us at campussupport@circleofsisterhood.org.