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Countdown to Documentary: 6 days

If you are a supporter of the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, you already know that our movement wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the book, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. This week, we add another media dimension to illustrate our cause and the urgency for action. Six days from today, the documentary based on the book will premiere and we are urging women across the country to join us in hosting viewing parties and discussion groups around the documentary. Here are some options for hosting a party!

  1. Watch live on PBS Oct. 1: We encourage tuning in the first night — Oct. 1 — to participate in the national conversation on Twitter (hashtag #sororityview). To watch the live broadcast you need access to cable as it will air on PBS at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Central. Since it is a four-hour documentary, you may choose to watch together the first night and give people the option to watch the second half on their own in the following week. Then, be sure to come back together on a designated night to discuss the issues and how your community can take action by supporting the Circle of Sisterhood’s efforts to remove barriers to education for women and girls.
  2. Stream from the Internet Oct. 2-9: If airing the documentary on Oct. 1 from PBS poses a problem on your campus, then you can stream the documentary from the Internet beginning on Oct. 2 for Part 1 and Oct. 3 for Part 2. Both parts can only be streamed for seven additional nights.
  3. Watch a condensed — 40 minute — version: An additional option is to present a condensed version of the documentary from DVD. Contact the NPC office at julia@npcwomen.org for a copy. This DVD will be sent to you for the cost of shipping and will include a discussion guide.

Several public events are scheduled across the country, here are a few highlighted events feel free to contact individuals for more information if you are interested in attending. Feel free to list your public event in the comment section below, tweet it to us @CofS_Foundation, register it on our website or post it on our Facebook page. (Note all @ symbols have been changed to protect our friends from spammers, but utilize the @ in any emails.)

Columbus, OH: Lisa Dodge, lisa(at)deltagamma.org

Boston, MA: Kim Kinsman, dgzzpresident(at)gmail.com

Dallas, TX: Pam Jamieson-pfell(at)sbcglobal.net

Fredricksburg, VA: Beth Searcy & Joni Taylor, fredericksburgareadeltagamma(at)gmail.com

University of Miami, OH: Caitlin Giles, umpanhellpres(at)gmail.com

Nova Southeastern University, FL, Melissa Rosen, mr1348(at)nova.edu

Lastly, we want your photos! Download the promotional sign here and send us your pics via Facebook! Help spread the message! Women Hold Up Half the Sky