09.25.12 / Category: Miscellaneous

Countdown to Documentary: 5 Days

If you haven’t downloaded the Impact Program Guide yet, please download today! There are many resources related to the documentary, hosting a viewing party and/or facilitating a discussion group after viewing. This documentary will raise more questions than answers and we are hoping that many will find the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation the answer to the question, “What can I do?” We challenge you to form fundraising circles, launch awareness campaigns and use the documentary as a catalyst and call to action within your network of ambassadors. We can’t wait to see the movement grow!

Some questions included in the Program Guide are:

  • What do you think the message is of the documentary? How would you convey the message of “Half the Sky” to family and friends?
  • What is the most valuable thing you learned from viewing the documentary?
  • Of all the women and girls featured in the documentary, is there one whose story affected you the most? Why?
  • How are gender discrimination and poverty different in the other countries featured in the documentary from issues in the United States? How are they the same?
  • How are women and girls disproportionately affected by poverty?
  • Why is the empowerment of women and girls an effective way to address global poverty?
  • Are there women in your life who exemplify women’s empowerment? What makes them powerful?