09.17.12 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Promoting with a Penny Budget

We know that most of the schools that have signed up to host a viewing party for the Half the Sky documentary are doing it through a grassroots effort of students hoping to make a difference. We feel your pain, because this is what the larger Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is trying to do as well. So, there are few things we appreciate more than creative approaches to promoting the cause without a ‘real’ budget. This one cost mere pennies to make happen.

Virginia Wesleyan College nailed it with their “Women Hold Up Half The Sky” sign promotion. The Panhellenic Council at VWC will host a viewing party on October 1 and promoted it throughout campus, simply asking students, staff, friends and faculty to pose for a picture. To see the full display of pictures, show VWC Panhellenic some love on Facebook. Nicely done, VWC!