09.28.12 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Countdown to Documentary: 3 Days

With the premiere of the Half the Sky documentary just days away, we wanted to spotlight one university’s efforts to raise awareness and funds for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. Towson University is a public university located in Towson, Maryland with a student population topping 21,000. The fraternity/sorority community constitutes less than 10 percent of the undergraduate population and is host to 29 recognized chapters.

Next week (Monday-Friday) will be Towson University’s Panhellenic Council’s Circle of Sisterhood fundraising week. The Panhellenic Association will host a viewing party on Monday evening, and expect an attendance of approximately 300 students, staff and ‘friends’ of the university. Throughout the week, the Panhellenic delegates will be raising money on campus in a “Change for Change” campaign. Each chapter has decorated their own jar and will collect money throughout the week from students.

The Panhellenic sisters will also be donating online throughout the week. They have also ordered Circle of Sisterhood t-shirts to sell. On Friday, the women will host a cookout to announce which chapter raised the most money and that chapter will receive special recognition.

The women of Towson University’s Panhellenic community plan to keep the philanthropy going throughout the year and as women sign up for formal recruitment (which takes in the Spring), each will have the opportunity to donate a dollar or more to the Foundation.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation appreciates all the support coming from campuses across the country, including Towson University. Keep us posted on the events via Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to report on the impact you are making!