11.11.21 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Towson University Takeover

Instagram takeovers provide us with a unique opportunity to see what our campus partners are doing to support the Circle of Sisterhood and how they engage their community in this important work. We love to see them share information about why we desperately need to help girls and women gain access to education. Takeovers help amplify the voices of our campus ambassadors and provide them with a platform to share why their sorority community has decided to support the mission of CofS. We encourage you to show your support with a like and comment when you see these takeovers happening on our Instagram account. We are looking forward to the next CofS Instagram takeover by the Panhellenic Council at Towson University happening tomorrow. They will be joining efforts with Towson Hillel to host an event to help raise funds for CofS.

Towson’s history is actually rooted in training teachers, so there is a significant amount of students majoring in education, which is a large part of why the sororities have aligned with CofS. It’s a part of who they are! Emily Winn, VP of Operations, Towson University Panhellenic Executive Board, shared that the Greeks believe strongly that education should be accessible at all levels in all countries for all girls and women, especially the opportunity to earn a higher education degree.

“In America, we are used to having access to education and we don’t take into account that in other parts of the world they do not have access as easily as we do,” Emily said. “Education should be an equal opportunity, so anyone has the ability to further their education because it is an investment in yourself and your future.”

Emily helped bring the campus together to support the CofS Day of Giving in September in an effort to create these educational opportunities for girls and women. In addition to bringing awareness by setting up a table in a high-traffic area to talk with students and faculty, they also took advantage of the virtual BINGO Board created by CofS to collect donations. All of those efforts led up to the CofS event they are hosting tomorrow with Towson Hillel and the CofS Instagram Takeover, but their advocacy won’t stop there. With every CofS event, these students are learning how to become leaders, which means you can expect even more big things from these women. Get a glimpse into what’s ahead by clicking here to join the conversation as Towson University takes over the CofS Instagram, and continue to follow the Circle of Sisterhood every day as we share all of the efforts of our campus partners. (https://www.instagram.com/circleofsisterhood)