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Thank you, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a small country in Latin America just North of Costa Rica. They are the second poorest country in the region behind Haiti, and those living in rural parts of Nicaragua average only 2.1 years of school. 68% of Nicaraguans in rural areas live on less than $1 per day.

This is all I knew about the incredible country that is Nicaragua before having the opportunity to travel there with Circle of Sisterhood. I am happy to report that there is much more to Nicaragua than statistics.

Last winter, the Panhellenic Association at Indiana University (IU) agreed to sponsor a school build in a developing country in order to bring education to parts of the world that would not otherwise receive it. The PHA community raised $40,000 in subsequent semesters, then interviewed and selected 11 women to participate in the on-site school build in rural Nicaragua.

We spent our days working to build a school alongside men, women, and even some children in the community. The older men taught us to use big tools: I was especially fond of the pick-axe.

The true impact of this trip was not getting to make tortillas over a fire or dancing for hours with teenagers in the community, but the overwhelming shift in perspective we garnered while there. When asked the question “what would you do with a million dollars?” the women in the community, young and old, could not find an answer for us at all. Not because there was so much they wanted to do, but because they could not in any way fathom a life devoid of work, sacrifice, and few opportunities. This is the reality of women all over the world.

Circle of Sisterhood has taught me that removing barriers to education is the surest way to help lift people out of poverty. I am honored to say that I was a part of a trip that helped bring education to women for generations to come even in just one small corner of the world, and if I could speak to those women now, this is what I’d say:

From the farthest corners of my heart, thank you. You have shown me what it means to give yourselves to your family and your community more wholly than I ever thought possible. You have taught me to use my body for work and for purpose and not for glamour or image. You have given me the richest memories and most authentic experiences of my life in just a few short days. You have shown me the value of the life I live and the responsibility I have to it. More than anything else, you’ve given me a purpose and a home on the other side of the world. For that (and countless other reasons) I will be forever grateful to you, Nicaragua.

This blog post was written by Maddi Lasson a senior year at Indiana University. She became connected to CofS while I serving on Panhellenic. Having the opportunity to work to eradicate poverty and bring education to women has given a new purpose to her life and the way she serves the IU Greek community.
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