11.23.21 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Making a Difference One Person at a Time

It starts with one person. One person who believes they can make a difference. It was Ginny Carroll eleven years ago who believed. She believed that she could bring people together, one by one to remove the barriers that were keeping girls and women around the world from receiving an education.

At West Chester University, that one person was Taylor Boyle who met Ginny in 2017. By 2019, Taylor had brought CofS to WCU as the philanthropy of their community to get the women more engaged in a cause in which they would believe. And she was right. The current Vice President of Philanthropy & Community Service, Emily Rossetti, continues to keep the Greek community engaged in the mission, which is easy because they are all so grateful for their own educational opportunities. One of those opportunities for Emily was being able to attend an event where she got to hear Ginny speak and then meet her afterward. Emily said that was a life-changing moment and is what sparked her passion for CofS.

“The cause that CofS works towards is something that we can all relate to since we are women lucky enough to receive education,” Emily said. “This cause hit close to home for everyone in our community and participation in events skyrocketed after the change.”

For the CofS Day of Giving in September, Emily was honored to oversee the fundraising efforts, which yielded the most successful Day of Giving at WCU to date. She worked with her community to create BINGO Boards that brought people together one by one to complete the squares on the board. With every completed BINGO Board, WCU raised enough money to equate to sending one girl to school for a whole year with everything that she needs to learn. In the process, the women at WCU are also learning.

“There is so much that I wasn’t aware of that education can do for a woman, but I have learned about how much an education can impact a woman’s life in such positive ways,” Emily said. “I think it would be really interesting to hear from someone whose life was directly impacted by the work that my PHC community, and so many other PHC communities, are working for.”

One person’s story is all it takes to feel how rewarding the work CofS is. One donation. One by one making a positive change for girls and women through education. Follow CofS on social media to hear more stories about the people who have come together to help, as well as those who are learning and growing because they are now receiving education.