05.20.16 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Grantee Spotlight – Exodus Refugee Immigration

In May 2015, Circle of Sisterhood presented a $5,000 grant to the Refugee Women’s Self Sufficiency Program of Exodus Refugee Immigration, a “private, non-sectarian, and non-profit refugee resettlement agency dedicated to assisting refugees to rebuild their lives in freedom and to succeed in life.”

The program provides support and assistance specific to female refugees needs such as: economic independence, healthcare, counseling and housing. The goal is to foster an environment where women and girls can become self-sufficient, empowered, confident and educated.

Circle of Sisterhood and the Women’s Program share the same objective of eliminating educational barriers for women. From Circle of Sisterhood’s $5000 grant, Exodus held educational workshops on leadership training, employment rights, information about healthcare services and how to handle emergencies, as well as domestic violence. Beyond group workshops, we also funded individualized support and education such as helping a pregnant woman meet with Nurse Family Partnership to learn about what to expect during pregnancy.

Circle of Sisterhood’s support has provided transportation for Exodus staff members to take women to their Women Children and Infant Program appointments. Exodus staff members teach women how to shop at the grocery store using the vouchers so that they can stay healthy and manage their resources.

The grant has also helped connect refugee women to the Child Care Development Fund, which provides low-income families childcare support. From CCDF’s support, women have the opportunity to take classes and work while knowing their children are safe. Additionally, our grant helped one woman find affordable elder care so that she could take English lessons, and helped another couple with care for a disabled adult daughter.

Circle of Sisterhood’s grant helped Exodus find a woman and daughter, who experienced domestic violence at home, temporary housing and the grant paid for their rent. Now the woman is employed, knows how to use public transportation and is planning on getting her driver’s’ license and purchasing a car. The personal stories like this one and the others above help to remind us why we do what we do. Remember the ripple effect: that woman was able to change her life, and in doing so her daughter’s life.

Circle of Sisterhood is proud to help refugee women become self-sufficient and improve their lives! Thank you to our donors for making this possible. Be proud of your impact!

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