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Brothers for Sisters: A Call to Action

It is popular these days to describe a situation, issue or question as “complicated” that allows the person using that term to expand, elaborate, pontificate or rationalize a response.

This isn’t complicated. This is simple.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation needs your support. As fraternity men. As individuals who belong to fraternities. As men.

CofS is composed of sorority women. Collegians and alumnae. They have come together to support a cause. Here’s a quote from the CofS website regarding the cause:

Standing together as one community, we will give girls and women an equal chance for rewarding lives and livelihoods through schooling, the learning of a trade, or even a college degree.

Why should you support the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation?

Let’s see.

1)Name another charitable organization specifically created for sorority women to assist girls and women in the world. Okay…time. If you’re like me, you came up with Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. And that’s it.

2) I travel and visit campuses. A lot of campuses. I read about men’s and women’s fraternities and sororities. A lot. And what I see, hear and read indicates that men—a few men—support women’s philanthropic efforts in a rote and systematic fashion. “You support our deal and we’ll support yours” In simple language: It is qualified support. And that support is almost always for individual chapters.

CofS is for all—all sorority women and organizations. No qualifications. No “If this then that…” No “You come to our event and we’ll attend yours” Nope. This is supporting the women, men. Translation: No kickback for us. Just the knowledge that we are helping. That is simple. And it is also known as, “Character.”

3) And with numbers 1 & 2—we have the chance to support a most worthy cause with real results—check out the website—on behalf of all fraternity men. We aren’t doing this as Sigs or as Kappas or as Zetes or for NALFO or NAPA or 2.0. We’re not doing this as undergraduates or as alumni. We’re doing it as fraternity men.

That’s why I have made donations to the Foundation. That’s why I continue to make donations to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. I am a fraternity man and I support our sisters in this endeavor.

Won’t you join me? By all means continue to support your various causes and charities…but CofS needs us, too. And it is a different cause. But simple.


Dave Westol, Principal & Owner
Limberlost Consulting, Inc.

Dave Westol with Circle of Sisterhood Founder Ginny Carroll and Pete Smithhisler

Dave Westol with Circle of Sisterhood Founder Ginny Carroll and Pete Smithhisler

This post was provided by Dave Westol, Principal & Owner of Limberlost Consulting, Inc. and member of Theta Chi Fraternity. We will be sharing more Brothers for Sisters stories this summer, so stay tuned! If you would like to share your connection to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, please contact Mia McCurdy at blog@circleofsisterhood.org.