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Elena Maria Build

Circle of Sisterhood

“I think it is important that every girl has the opportunity to reach their full potential and helping these girls and women in Nicaragua will help them be their best selves and reach their dreams.”

-Abby Flores, Trek 2014 Participant


Circle of Sisterhood is at it again! This afternoon a group of women are headed to Nicaragua to participate in our second school build. These women, all from the University of Missouri, are headed to Elena Maria, Nicaragua to build a school to provide access to education for the children in that community. The Missouri Panhellenic Association has worked hard over the past year to raise the money to fund the school build, hosting events ranging from a very successful 5k to a gingerbread house decorating competition. These are women committed to changing the world, and we are fortunate they have chosen to partner with the Circle of Sisterhood. .


“I am most excited to meet all the children who will be attending the school and to learn about the culture. I really wanted to go on Trek because I wanted to expand my horizons and learn more about other cultures.” -Kelli Farlow, Trek 2014 Participant


Elena Maria is an isolated village, with no main road running to and from the village, and located close to the Pacific Ocean. The village has a current population of 203, with 40 students currently enrolled in their primary school. There is no permanent structure present for the school, so the students study in a makeshift wooden building with dirt floors. This presents challenges during the rainy season, often preventing students from being able to attend school.


Nicaragua is currently the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, and is in the lowest category of human development on the United Nations Human Development Index. Without this school build, it is unlikely that the residents of Elena Maria would be able to find the resources so badly needed to help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy experienced in the village.


“I have been very fortunate with the education and opportunities I have received and I want to help other girls in countries that don’t value education for girls”

-Jordan Warren, Trek 2014 Participant


The school our women are funding the build of will give the children of Elena Maria, 45% of which are girls, a two classroom permanent structure and two latrines the students can use while at school. The building will be furnished with desks and permanent chalk boards. This will allow the children consistent access to education, and help to improve the quality of life in Elena Maria.


“I wanted to go on this trip because I have been so inspired by Half the Sky which was the inspiration behind Circle of Sisterhood. Ever since being exposed to this movement, my world has been flipped upside-down and I have not been able to get it out of my sights.”

-Sarah Trigg, Trek 2014 Participant


We are very proud of these University of Missouri sorority women as they head out to change another corner of our world. They truly embody the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation mission by leveraging the collective influence of sorority women in their community to raise financial resources for entities around the world that are removing educational barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression. We are proud and excited to see the impact they will have on the children of Elena Maria that will last long after the trek has ended.


Make sure to keep up with us on social media as we keep you updated on the progress of this Trek team and their impact on the village of Elena Maria. You can find us on twitter @CofS_Foundation or on Facebook on our Circle of Sisterhood Foundation page and follow #MIZTrek.