12.14.18 / Category: Miscellaneous

The Circle of Sisterhood Gift Guide

She’s got gadgets and gizmos a plenty. She’s got whozits and whatzits galore! So what to get your nearest and dearest sisters this year? Definitely not something they already have, or something that will end up in the purge pile during spring cleaning. 

Whatever you celebrate, a donation to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation in the name of of your loved one is a great way to show you care and put some greater good into the world. Here is a breakdown of some donation gifts that we will be giving this year!

  1.  $10.00: Often the gift giving limit for a gift exchange or an amount we throw on a gift-card, this money goes so much further with a donation to the Circle of Sisterhood. This can be ten notebooks with a pencil each!

  2.  $15.00: By giving fifteen bucks, a casual amount for a tchotchke or an ornament, you can provide two sets of textbooks for two different girls. Talk about ripple effect.  girls reading

  3.  $25.00: Have a little more to give this year? Why not spend twenty-five dollars all of the above? Tell your loved one about the good work being done in their name and tell them how much we love our heroes!

  4.  $53.00: This is what it takes to send one girl to school FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! That includes school supplies, a uniform, meals, the whole shebang! Are you feeling empowered yet? I know I am! EGBOK mission trip group of women

  5.  Any Donation + Half The Sky : Any donation is meaningful, and that meaning can double when you draw someone into the Circle with a copy of Half The Sky. This will allow your sister-friend to participate in our book club as well as truly understand the “why” for the Circle of Sisterhood! While you are at it, grab a copy for yourself as well and you will have created something for you both to engage with in 2019! Experience the book that was the catalyst for our Foundation.

In an age of tidying up and welcoming minimalism into our lives, gift receiving can be as stressful as gift giving. Instead, focus on the spirit of the season, and give the gift of freedom from poverty this year by donating to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. Your donation matters more than you’ll know! Give today!


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