10.22.13 / Category: Impact - School Build Projects

Our Hearts Are Full


Our hearts were filled with joy when we heard the news last week that the school we funded in Senegal, Africa (announced last October) is complete. We are thrilled that over 100 children in the village of Ndoffane Bouré will attend class in an actual school building in their own village.

Sorority women across the country – both collegiate and alumnae – stepped up and raised enough money during the 2012-13 academic year to fund the school build. In July, a Circle of Sisterhood Trek Team of 13 undergraduates representing different college campuses and 2 alumnae, traveled to Senegal to stand beside the villagers and break ground on that school… Friday, October 18, we learned that the school is finished. 

“It is so hard to describe how I feel today having seen photos of the finished Circle of Sisterhood Foundation funded school. The people I grew to love in a small village in Senegal worked so hard to finish building their school – each brick made by hand. I am proud on a level I have never been – of the villagers, of sorority women on campuses across the U.S., of individual donors, of the CofS Trek Team, and of every CofS volunteer! In three years, we’ve had an impact for girls in 15 countries and have funded a school build in Africa. Amazing!”

–       Ginny Carroll, Founder of Circle of Sisterhood, Alpha Xi Delta

A few reflections from our TREK participants:

“I don’t think words can describe my heart this morning. As I pulled up the picture, tears of joy filled my eyes. I am so proud of the village for finishing this school and I’m so proud to be a part of something bigger than myself in the Circle of Sisterhood. I can just picture my sweet host family smiling, crying, and most definitely dancing at the look at their new school and how much impact it will make on their children’s life! My heart is so happy!”

– Lynlee Jackson, Western Kentucky University, Chi Omega

“It’s really inspiring to know that communities all over the world are taking educational equality this seriously. People living in the wonderful comforts of wealthy, industrialized nations will never know the struggle and commitment it took to build this school, but having been blessed enough to witness it firsthand, it makes knowing that the school is finished and this village will have opportunities opened up to it that were previously impossible, that much sweeter. For this village, the sacrifices that went into building this school were immense, but the investment in the future that it has created is profound.”

– Sparling Wilson, Vanderbilt University, Kappa Delta 

“I am overcome with joy to see the completed school. My first thoughts were of the children we met while staying in the community. Knowing how much the kids loved to draw pictures and write their name – I can only imagine what it will be like in a classroom where they get to do those things and more. I am excited for their opportunity to learn and I am humbled by the vision and commitment made by the people of Ndoffane Bouré  to make sure all of their children – including their girls – are being educated.

– Nicole Hughes, alumna, Delta Delta Delta

“After seeing the finished school in Ndoffane Bouré my heart could not feel any fuller. Knowing that the astoundingly selfless children we had the honor of meeting now have a new school to attend and learn in makes me feel so proud of sorority women everywhere for truly making a difference. The girls of Ndoffane Bouré, Senegal will forever be impacted by the education they receive, all thanks to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. The memories I have of my time in this village always bring a smile to my face, but seeing the finished school bring true tears of joy to my eyes. I am so excited for the promising future these girls now have thanks to the education they will receive.”

– Elana Katz, University of Connecticut, Pi Beta Phi


In the same week we learned that the school we funded in Senegal was complete, the Circle of Sisterhood granted an additional $30,000 to eight organizations working in five countries to remove barriers to education for girls.  Our work is significant and transformational. 

Our sincerest appreciation to everyone who has helped us provide hope and opportunity for girls and women around the world.

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