02.20.12 / Category: Miscellaneous

More than Money: Raising awareness is a critical piece of this Circle

As part of our core mission, it is crucial that we help our sisters gain an understanding of our priorities and how they can help. Donating money, hosting fundraisers, empowering others are all wonderful facets of our organization. However, raising awareness is just as critical. The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation has outlined how you can assist with

raising awareness about the organization and the issues we are tackling.

Join: Remove barriers to educational opportunities for girls and women by partnering with organizations whose missions include enabling girls to go to school and providing vocational training for women.

  • You can help us by sharing information about organizations that need our help with our grants committee.
  • Build relationships with individuals and organizations that will help advance our mission.

Network: Do you know of an individual, business or organization that would be interested in supporting our work by making financial contributions? Share that information with us.

Know: Create awareness of global issues related to girls and women by increasing understanding of the violent and oppressive treatment of women across the globe.

▪                The first step, is to become aware of the abuses which needlessly claims one woman a minute. Our volunteers have read the book Half the Sky, and we’d recommend that you read it too.

▪                Stay up to date on current events. Last week, Secretary Clinton declared a Zero Tolerance Day on female genital mutilation. This may not seem important to the average college student, but if you read the facts, it may be enough to motivate you to become an ambassador for our organization.

▪                Leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women by multiplying our reach to individuals, organizations, and campus umbrella groups who not only will help communicate our mission to their own networks but also provide financial support for our mission.

▪                Stand for something—March 8th is International Women’s Day—do something to raise awareness on this day. How easy would red lipstick be? Learn about this movement at: http://youare.cn.com/flash.html

▪                Add your name to a cause. Change.org is one of the easiest ways to become involved. You can start a petition or join a cause you care about. Last March a petition that began on this site led to a change in South African law to make it illegal to perform “corrective rape,” which is defined as raping a lesbian in order to ‘turn’ her into a heterosexual. After 170,000 people joined this campaign online, the law was changed and this act is now considered a hate crime, punishable by law. Don’t sit there and think your name typed into the computer can’t change a girl’s life across the globe.

Establish a presence as a major contributor in uplifting the spirit of women worldwide through our visual identity, web presence, and social media activity. We share information on Twitter, Facebook and via this Blog. Lend us a hand by sharing what we share. And share your story so that we can share! Together our voices our stronger and we can leverage the collective wisdom and influence of our sorority sisters.