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How We Work To Remove Barriers of Education – Volume 2, Episode 6: Little Sisters Fund

Check out the latest episode of the monthly Circle of Sisterhood vlog series! CofS has awarded multiple funding grants to the Little Sisters Fund (LSF) where they are protecting at-risk girls in Nepal from the dangers of child sex trafficking, child marriage, and child labor through access to education.

Take a moment to learn more about how our grants have helped to change the lives of so many girls through the work of LSF.

About Little Sisters Fund

The Little Sisters Fund (LSF) protects at-risk and economically disadvantaged girls in Nepal from the dangers of child sex trafficking, child marriage, and child labor through education, mentoring, and community support. LSF protects girls from these injustices by providing the security that comes with school enrollment and the support of mentors who help girls address the social barriers that are most responsible for girls dropping out of school. 

In 2015, LSF received $4,975 from CofS to support the equivalent of 25 years of education and mentoring through its School Scholarship Program and School Coordinators Program. These grant funds provided access to school, plus books, uniforms and supplies for 25 at-risk girls for the duration of the grant year and provided mentoring for at-risk girls through stipends for two school coordinators.

In 2017, 2019 and 2021 CofS renewed our support of LSF through $5,000 grants to support 25 newly admitted students. These scholarships, coupled with LSF’s support programs, allow girls the chance to break the cycles of poverty, inequality and oppression that have been holding Nepalese girls and women back for generations. 

LSF estimates that at least 10-times the number of family, friends and community members will also benefit from an increased understanding of the importance of female rights, education and ultimately empowerment. Scholarship programs ensure girls’ safety through access to education, yet access alone is rarely enough to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. To create an environment that nourishes empowerment, independence and leadership, LSF supports all girls with ten supplemental programs including mentoring, health education, community awareness, access to college loans, and girl-led community development projects that ensure they thrive through the end of school and beyond.

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