04.27.23 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

How We Work to Remove Barriers of Education – Volume 1, Episode 9: NETwork Against Malaria

This month, we are sharing the impact we have been able to make through two grant awards that helped to support the important work of NETwork Against Malaria. Tune in to learn more and subscribe now!

About NETwork Against Malaria

NETwork Against Malaria (NAM) is dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria through the purchase and distribution of insecticide treated malaria nets (ITNs). According to NETwork Against Malaria, the disease causes Ugandan children to miss approximately 60 days of school annually. NAM provides bed nets to impoverished children, pregnant women, and families in rural Uganda. Additionally, the organization educates the people of Uganda and America about the impact malaria has upon the community, bed nets’ life-saving effects, and students’ potential global impact. Our $4,000 grant in 2013 funded the purchase of over 900 ITNs and the costs associated with their distribution. NAM was awarded a 2nd grant ($5,000) in October 2015 to fund the purchase and distribution of 1,085 ITNs to all of the girls at two schools in Katulikire, Uganda. As three children can sleep under one net, this means potentially 5,955 children will be protected against malaria, decreasing mortality rates as well as absences due to sickness among these children.