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How We Work to Remove Barriers of Education – Episode 3: Holistic Services

Wraparound and holistic services have been proven to be the best approach in succeeding to remove barriers to education for girls and women. When girls are educated, they are equipped with the skills and confidence to break down pervasive cycles of poverty. A $10,000 grant award to Limitless Horizons Ixil (LHI) is helping to address gender disparities and improve educational outcomes for the indigenous girls in Chajul, one of the poorest communities in Guatemala due to a 36-year civil war.

With the financial support provided by CofS, they are now working together with the community to create a better life and provide a new school designed for indigenous girls to continue their education. The new school will provide culturally responsive, rigorous, and engaging academics to the community for the first time. Learn more by watching the latest vlog from Circle of Sisterhood’s new monthly series.