03.01.11 / Category: Volunteer Spotlights

Circle of Sisterhood Bloggers Needed!

The Circle of Sisterhood wants your story!

The organization is grassroots. The energy is organic. You are the inspiration. Through you, we can change the world.

Powerful, right? Every volunteer, donor, connector and believer within our organization has a story to tell.

  • How did the book “Half the Sky” challenge you?
  • What role are you playing within the circle?
  • Is your campus answering the call to action and how?
  • Has a specific individual within the circle inspired you?

The stories are important because your story can inspire other stories AND we need to archive these stories for historical purposes as our organization continues to grow exponentially. (In addition, did you hear that Oprah wants to hear YOUR story?)

Please consider sending your story to appear on the Circle of Sisterhood blog. We plan to launch soon and would love contributors scheduled through the first few months. Ideally, blog posts can be anywhere from 100-750 words, but if pictures or video tells the story better than words, submit those instead.  Leave your e-mail in the comment section and we’ll be in touch!