11.15.16 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT – Little Sisters Fund

Last year the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation presented a $4,975 grant to the Little Sisters Fund (LSF), a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting injustice and poverty in Nepal. The program provides hardworking, intelligent, and financially disadvantaged Nepalese the opportunity to obtain an education in the face of adverse conditions. The goal is to protect girls from child trafficking for the sex industry, child marriage, and child labor by enabling them to enroll and achieve in school. Additionally, the LSF’s programs develop confident female leaders through mentoring, counseling, and community awareness building.


Currently in rural areas, more than 70% of girls have dropped out of school by the age of 16. This occurs because of the gender disparity in education in Nepal. School can be prohibitively expensive for families and often times they are only able to fund one child; they will inevitably choose a son. When this occurs girls become particularly susceptible to human trafficking. Through LSF’s supplemental programs of mentorship, empowerment, and awareness building, girls are supported to thrive through the end of the school year.

The Circle of Sisterhood grant was imperative to the success of 25 girls who were able to have their tuition fully covered for the 2015-2016 school year. After the application of the funding, they were even able to receive new uniforms and supplies. Additionally, the grant was able to support the mentoring program called “School Coordinators,” in which Little Sisters Fund graduates work as mentors with groups of younger girls.

We are proud to help the Little Sister’s Fund in empowering young girls in Nepal to reach their full potential!

Thank you for our donors for making this possible. Be proud of your impact! Want to become a part of the movement? Help the Circle of Sisterhood continue to lift barriers by giving today!