01.13.17 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards


In 2015, Circle of Sisterhood honored the Himalayan Education Foundation’s request for a grant for a project with Himalayan Naari-Chakouri.

The foundation, which values and mission align with Circle of Sisterhood’s, works with local leaders in the Kumaon region on the Indian Himalayas to empower women by teaching them academic and vocational skills.

HEF requested $4610 from Circle of Sisterhood to cover training, travel and meals, computers and supplies such as markers, notebooks, erasers and white boards. Circle of Sisterhood’s grant was able to supply the training sessions with two Lenovo S20-30 laptops and an HP Laser jet printer.

There were 16 days of training broken up over a three week span and each training session lasted around three to four hours. Over the six months of the project from Circle of Sisterhood’s’ grant, 13 out of the 40 members in Chakouri participated in a daily computer class. From April to September 2015, the women had logged 783 attendee hours.

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Circle of Sisterhood’s grant money that was specifically given to the training program taught the women basic computer skills such as how to set up a computer, using e-mail, understanding the key board and other icons, installing hardware, and how to use spreadsheets. For example, The classes taught the women how to keep inventory of their knitted goods on spreadsheets and were taught how to follow the overall business cycle.

Because of donors like you, Circle of Sisterhood is proud to help women become self-sufficient and educated to improve their and others’ lives. Thank you for being our hero!

This blog post was written by Jessica Evans, a digital journalist living in New York City and member of the Circle of Sisterhood writing team. Interested in joining our writing team or sharing your Circle of Sisterhood story? Contact Mia McCurdy at blog@circleofsisterhood.org