01.22.18 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Grantee Spotlight – EKARI Foundation

The Circle of Sisterhood continued to support the EKARI Foundation last year by providing support for six girls to remain in school. The EKARI Foundation’s mission is to empower Malawi citizens to rise above  the poverty line through educational programing and training. The resources provided by the Circle of Sisterhood will  assist its communities in establishing and elevating sustainable livelihoods.

EKARI’s foundational program is called Sponsor a Student, which focuses on sponsorships for high school and higher education levels. This includes trade-school, college and university levels. They provide funds for tuition, exam and internship fees, boarding, meal program, uniform, copying and printing for assignments, electronic and transportation fees, feminine products, etc.

Circle of Sisterhood gave the EKARI Foundation a $5,000 grant for support for one year of secondary school for six girls and additional support via EKARI’s Tutoring Program. The Tutoring Program provides small group tutoring sessions three times a year during school holidays as well as private tutoring throughout the school year.

How did the Circle of Sisterhood grant provide educational support for these young women? By providing funds to pay for all or part of the program cost for six women. By supporting them as they moved from middle to high school. By supporting three young women as they prepared for exit exams and made plans for their future in higher or trade education. By supporting two women as they moved on to the EKARI Computer Program. 

The Circle of Sisterhood is proud to have supported these young women on their educational journey. Thank you to our donors for being their heroes! Want to continue to support the educational goals of girls? Give now.