04.24.12 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Grant Highlight: The SOLD Project



The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is pleased to introduce you to another grant recipient: The SOLD Project. The Mission of The SOLD Project is to prevent child prostitution through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children. They strive to share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people to act. The SOLD Project offers educational scholarships and resources to at-risk children in rural Thailand to keep them off the path to prostitution and give them hope for a better future.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is excited to partner with The SOLD Project and award a $2,500 grant. The SOLD Project will direct this grant towards the purchase of laptop computers. Some of their older students are entering vocational college or University and are in need of laptops. $2,500 will allow them to purchase 3 laptops for students ($800 each) entering higher education. You can read more about The SOLD Project, and how this particular grant will impact young women in Thailand here.

We look forward to hearing more about the impact our grant dollars have had in the upcoming six month report from The SOLD Project. Look for an update and some pictures soon!

This grant profile was written by Tricia Fechter. Fechter is the Grants Committee Chair for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. If you are interested in supporting other organizations like The SOLD Project, support the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation with a monetary gift today.