03.19.12 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Grant Highlight: Everything’s Going to Be OK

EGBOK’s (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) mission is an international non‐profit organization empowering underprivileged youth with the educational and vocational training needed to support themselves as hospitality professionals. The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is excited to grant $2,000 to the EGBOK mission. EGBOK will use this grant to provide schooling, housing, supplies, and a stipend for one student for one year. We’d like to introduce you to that young woman – Sokea.

Coming from a big family of three brothers and three sisters, Sokea did not get to study as much as her older siblings due to the family’s financial situation.  Sokea’s mother suffered a heart condition and her sister was in a traffic accident- both of which incurred expensive costs, leaving the family unable to support all of the children.

As a result, Sokea was offered to stay at the boarding house in her rural village at the local junior high so that she could be supported and further her education.   When EGBOK Mission offered the hospitality course elective at the junior high, Sokea became very interested in pursuing vocational school so that she could gain skills for employment in Cambodia’s emerging tourism industry, and earn a substantial income for herself and her family.

With the support of the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, Sokea is now enrolled in EGBOK Mission’s program and currently studies at Paul Dubrule Hotel and Tourism School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Sokea’s one-year intensive program is focused on restaurant study and training.  She will receive her completion certificate in July 2012 and be fully prepared to join the qualified workforce at one of EGBOK Mission’s many hotel partners in Cambodia.

This grant profile was written by Tricia Fechter. Fechter is the Grants Committee Chair for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. We look forward to following Sokea’s progress this year, and hope to be able to support future students through the EGBOK mission as well. Our appreciation goes to the staff at EGBOK for providing Sokea’s biography with us. If you are interested in supporting other girls like Sokea, support the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation with a monetary gift today.