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Day of the Girl 2013

mail.googleThis week, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation honors the second annual United Nations International Day of the Girl (October 11, 2013). The official site states:

The Day of the Girl is a response to an urgent problem facing our world today: the neglect and devaluation of girls around the world. On October 11 of every year, we see dynamic groups across the world (led by girls, of course) acting to highlight, discuss, celebrate and ultimately advance girls’ lives and opportunities across the globe. When girls come together to talk about what really matters to us, we can teach ourselves and other people–adults, boys, and other girls all across the world–new ways of thinking about gender issues, which will help us take action to change the status quo.

October 11 is not just a day; it’s a movement. A worldwide revolution.


The Day of the Girl is bigger than one issue, one organization, one country, and even the day itself. It is a yearly reflection of what we’ve done and what we need to keep doing to fully achieve gender equality everywhere.

If you are reading our blog, you probably already know, that this is what the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is all about. It is why we exist as an organization. This week, we will use the day to remember our mission:

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation will leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women to support entities around the world that remove educational barriers for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression. 

We’ll use the day to remember the impact our grants have made for women in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Malawi, Peru, Thailand, Philippines, Uganda, Zambia. Senegal and here in the United States.

We’ll use the day to honor our campus supporters who have contributed countless hours to awareness and fundraising events on campuses across the country. 

We’ll use the day to recommit to our work of empowering women and girls worldwide.

Please help us spread the word by tweeting or putting the following message on your Facebook:

@CofS_Foundation celebrates @DayoftheGirl. I believe in the power of education. #sororitypower

The picture above will be available on the Circle of Sisterhood’s Facebook page, please consider changing your profile picture in honor of the day!

Thanks for your continued support!