09.09.20 / Category: Campus Spotlights, Miscellaneous

Creating a Community That Reaches Beyond Sororities

One of the questions people ask about the Circle of Sisterhood is whether or not you need to be a current member or an alumnae of a sorority in order to be part of the circle. The answer is absolutely not because our work is open to the circle of influence of all sorority women, which includes women who are unaffiliated. That circle also includes men as part of our “Brothers for Sisters” program that encourages fraternity men and their circles to support our mission.

At the core of Greek life is a sense of community that is created around academics, social events, and philanthropy, which is why sororities are also at the core of CofS. I wasn’t in a sorority in college, but I lived with six Alpha Sigma Alphas who made me feel like I was part of their world. They brought me into their circle where I was able to make a difference by participating in their philanthropic events.

It was that feeling of community that I carried with me when I landed my first job at an amazing university. One of the first relationships I built was with Greek Life because I knew firsthand the power that these women and men had to make an impact. Now, working with CofS, I’m excited to be part of this community that spent the last ten years making education a reality for girls and women around the world by helping to remove many of the barriers. From helping to get access to clean water to providing school supplies, your involvement will allow CofS to make a difference for years to come. Circle of Sisterhood was founded by sorority women and it meant to be a convener across communities.

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year with the help of 260 campus sorority communities in the United States and sorority alumnae around the world, we hope you will become part of our circle so we can continue to provide opportunities to those in need. As the educated, we have a responsibility to remove barriers for those who too often don’t get the opportunity to even go to school. Join us on September 30th  at 7 pm ET for our virtual celebration featuring Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author, Sheryl WuDunn. Click here to receive the official invite to the Zoom event. (https://forms.gle/9bv6eisJesSDvBcLA).

Written by Tracie Hitz, a small business owner, mentor to college students, and supporter of the Circle of Sisterhood.