10.06.11 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Changing Lives for $27

The Ruhunga Primary School in Tanzania

The Circle of Sisterhood is providing our second grant to present funding for 27 young women in Tanzania as they move forward in their education. The young women are students at Ruhunga Primary School, which is located in the Bukoba district of the Kagera Region, on the west side of Tanzania. In rural areas of Tanzania, such as Ruhunga, access to education for young women is extremely difficult. The drop off rate between Primary School (known as Standard I – VII) and Secondary School (known as Form I – IV) is very high. The cost per year to educate a student is around $13.50 USD. In addition, the students need access to workbooks, school uniforms, and school supplies – amounting to an additional $13.50 USD.

The Circle of Sisterhood foundation will provide $27 USD funding for each young woman  at the Ruhunga Primary School that passes her Standard VII National Exam this upcoming November. In Tanzania, if young women pass this exam, then they are able to move on to Form I of their education. Many families cannot afford to provide this schooling for their daughters, so this grant will enable any of the women from Ruhunga Primary School who pass to move on. Currently 38 young women have the potential to pass these exams, which would amount to a total grant of $1,026 USD.

This grant profile was written by Tricia Fechter. Fechter is the Grants Committee Chair for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. For more information on the grant process for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, or to make a donation to help support a future grant, please visit our website.