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Celebrating Sisterhood and the call to #PressforProgress on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day, sheroes! The Circle of Sisterhood is joining in with women everywhere today as we celebrate the power of women and the need for gender parity. We encourage you, our heroes, to be part of the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #PressForProgress and #BeHerHero and tell the world what we are doing to push our shared cause forward! 

Since 2010, our circle has grown and our impact has been felt far and wide. We are actively working to remove barriers to education for women and girls around the world through grants and school build partnerships. This is all because of our donors and supporters who believe in the power of women. Beyond that, we are helping to foster a Panhellenic community that thrives on interfraternal sisterhood and lifting women up! I am proud to highlight our campus partners and grants on the Circle of Sisterhood blog throughout the year, and I feel that by sharing our stories, we are creating a ripple effect–more people know about the Circle of Sisterhood and join our forces and that means more good things are happening for women and girls. Let’s continue to press for progress together and be part of something great.

I have been volunteering with the Circle of Sisterhood since 2012, before that I was lucky enough to lead the first Panhellenic Circle of Sisterhood fundraiser in 2010. Since that time this organization has taught me about the importance of sisterhood, and has integrated itself into my core values. The Circle of Sisterhood creates a space for sorority women to come together for a common cause. So, today, I asked some of the sister-friends in my life to share what International Women’s Day means to them:

“International Women’s Day is such an awesome reminder to me of all the women in the past and present who struggle for basic human rights and equality. It reminds me that mine and others femininity (however it might be expressed) is powerful and can change the status quo, particularly when we work together,” Rose Locatelli, business development manager for an INGO, and past Panhellenic president extraordinaire at Chapman University, plus my fellow road warrior (consultant) for Gamma Phi Beta.

“I didn’t grow up with biological sisters, so sisterhood for me has meant finding people who speak my language, laughing (and sometimes crying) over shared life experiences, and being surrounded by friends who work to lift one another up. My sisterhood is an eclectic mix of do-gooders, go-getters, all-star mamas, happily single ladies, and great friends near and far. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing ladies in each of our lives!” Susan Jackson, mother, attorney, and sorority woman doing good, with a capital Delta Gamma.

“Having a sisterhood to stand with allows us to remember that we are not alone facing challenges. We know where we need to go! It also allows us to celebrate how far we have come. As sisters, we root for each other and we fight for each other… not just today, but always!” Chelsea White, senior engineer at Toyota North America,  ice skating queen, and Gamma Phi girl.

“To me, today is about embracing feminism and fighting for human rights. It’s about treating others with dignity, and believing all are worthy. Today is about treating all others with the respect and the love we give to our closest sisters and friends. It’s about support, encouragement and motivation. It’s about standing for a society in which inclusion is the foundation and where all can participate fully in life and enjoy fundamental freedoms. The day represents making space for voices of those who are so often unheard –a necessity that should not end when today is over. Today is about togetherness and working for the impact of humanity. What I am reflecting on today, is how I can be a better, more accepting and humble human to others,” Nicole Ballou, professional human rights advocate  at an NGO, working to make the world a better place every single day, and proud Pi Beta Phi.

Take the time today to ask the women in YOUR life what International Women’s Day means to them. How often do we make the time to ask our sisters questions like this? Make the time, and tell the women in your life how you are celebrating them today. The women in my life keep me grounded, and they challenge me to be better. The Circle of Sisterhood is making a difference for women, every day. Let’s continue marching together, pressing onward, and using our collective power to make a difference! Thank you to the wonderful sorority women who shared their thoughts above! I am donating to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation today for those who helped-a-sistah-out with this idea for a blog, and in honor of the women and girls around the world fighting the good fight! What will you do today to #PressForProgress? Share your stories with us by emailing me at blog@circleofsisterhood.org or on social media!

Have your own story to share? Contact me! Mia McCurdy, at Blog@circleofsisterhood.org