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Campus Spotlight – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Panhellenic Community at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is home to seven Panhellenic sororities; Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Seven different organizations, with various colors, creeds, and mottos, etc. But the sorority women at UNLV realize that those differences are arbitrary. At the end of the day, they are all women seeking a significant friendship—a sisterhood—and their similarities far surpass their differences.

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The Panhellenic women at UNLV started Panhellenic Pride Week to further unity among Panhellenic (PHC) sororities and celebrate their common ground as PHC sorority women. But they wanted to make their celebration more meaningful. So they included fundraising and awareness for Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, and now they hold a sequence of events every spring!

Like most Panhellenic Pride Weeks, they incorporate a number of different events, and UNLV had a different one each day to promote the Foundation. The first event was a tradition restaurant fundraiser, where the community came together to spend time with one another, eat sweet treats, and support Circle of Sisterhood. The second event was about civic engagements, and each chapter was responsible for organizing their own service event to get out in the community and make a difference. Their third event focused on fundraising and incorporated some competition. The Panhellenic organized the chapters into teams and each team had a time slot at a booth near their student union. The goal was to raise as much money as possible during their time slot. They ended up raising over $500 dollars that day alone!

The UNLV women also coordinated their activities with the University, so that their week of events occurred the same week as UNLV’s Women’s Empowerment Luncheon, so for their final event the Panhellenic community attended this luncheon together. What better way to show the campus what sororities are really about?


Shani Sullivan, Vice President of Public Relations for the Panhellenic Council said that “The Panhellenic wanted to pick something to support that they all cared about. Education is a gift! It was a great way to educate our community about something that we have so much support for.” Overall the Panhellenic community at UNLV raised over $700 that week; that is about 100 sets of textbooks! Well done UNLV and thank you for supporting Circle of Sisterhood Foundation and making education a reality for women and girls around the world!

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