11.07.11 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Campus Spotlight: University of Maryland

University of Maryland Fundraisers Gather with Circle of Sisterhood Founder Ginny Carroll

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is a philanthropy close to the Maryland Panhellenic – in fact, our first year book last year was the famous “Half the Sky.” Since the start of this fall semester, we’ve made a push within the fraternity/sorority community to raise awareness of issues that face women and girls worldwide; as delineated in the book and the Circle of Sisterhood mission.

To spread the Circle of Sisterhood message within the Panhellenic chapters, specific delegates were appointed to convey these ideas to individual organizations. These delegates shared the foundation’s videos and other resources with fellow chapter members. In order to spread the message to fraternity/sorority members in other councils, we explained the organization’s vision (and passed out commemorative pins) to the local Pan-Hellenic Council, the United Greek Council, and the Interfraternity Council chapters at the Annual Greek Presidents’ Retreat.

With Ginny Carroll’s speech slated for mid-semester, we challenged our chapters to raise money for the foundation prior to the event. The Panhellenic chapters certainly rose to the occasion, raising over $4000 to help our sisters worldwide. Alpha Delta Pi was the chapter that raised the most money this semester.

Ginny’s speech inspired our community to do even better for women and girls. That message has translated into the fraternity/sorority community’s plans for the spring semester. Next year we hope to set up volunteer opportunities for our community at DC organizations that focus on similar issues – human trafficking, domestic abuse, and of course, education. Furthermore, we hope to continue our fundraising and awareness efforts by spreading our message through the entire Maryland campus community.

This campus spotlight was written by Priyanka Gokhale, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, University of Maryland Panhellenic Association. If your campus is interested in being a campus spotlight in the future, send an email to blog(at)circleofsisterhood.org.