05.29.15 / Category: Campus Spotlights

Campus Spotlight – Quinnipiac University

Last fall, the Quinnipiac University Panhellenic Council held a great educational event for the sorority women on their campus. Circle of Sisterhood is fairly new to campus, so a lot of sorority women were interested in learning more about the background of the organization and how they could get involved.

Leading up to the event, the Panhellenic Council had a banner hung in their student center that said “QU Panhellenic Supports Circle of Sisterhood.” Sorority women wrote empowering quotes on circles and they were hung up on the banner, similar to other schools and previous ideas we have shared here on the blog! They passed out circles during Panhellenic meetings and during the main event, so that all women in the community had the chance to take part.

What better way to learn about Circle of Sisterhood than from the founder herself? The community was thrilled to host Ginny Carroll and have her be part of their event. The Panhellenic Council chose to show a shortened version of the Half the Sky documentary as a way to engage sorority women in the discussion about women, education, and poverty. The sorority women of Quinnipiac had a unique perspective, because many women in the community knew of the book Half the Sky from reading it in a mandatory seminar class. After the film, Ginny spoke to the women about what Circle of Sisterhood means, how she kick-started it, and about the impact the foundation has had so far. Quinnipiac is excited to be a part of the continued success of the Foundation! Everyone that came out loved the program wanted to get more involved in the cause. They were able to raise $870.55 and have continued to raise awareness and funds since then!

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A few years ago Circle of Sisterhood was brought to Quinnipiac by a previous Panhellenic VP of Philanthropy and Service, and ever since then women in the community have felt passionate towards the cause. It has helped the entire Quinnipiac sorority community connect and realize the true meaning of sorority women. As the Quinnipiac VP of Panhellenic Development, Morgan Maynard, said “We all see what some women in the world go through, how can you not want to help? Women should have the right to go to school and we should have the right to do what we want with our lives and our bodies. It doesn’t make sense for someone else to have control over that.” Well said Morgan! As sorority women, we are all lucky enough to have an education and the Circle of Sisterhood is so proud to be an outlet for sorority women around the country to support women and girls’ education. Thank you to the Panhellenic women of Quinnipiac for continuing to grow our circle!