Angela King Taylor Shares How Her Experiences With CofS Have Helped Her Make an Impact

Ten years ago, Angela Taylor remembers the long, impactful conversation Circle of Sisterhood founder, Ginny Carroll, had with her after reading the book Half the Sky. Seeing that Ginny’s vision was clear from the very beginning, as well as feeling Ginny’s passion to do something on a larger scale for girls and women is what got Angela on board with the foundation so quickly. She came on as a Campus Relationship Manager where she helped students understand the mission and how they could make a difference through CofS.

A few years later, she went on to serve on the Grants Review Team, which she loved because after working to help campus partners raise money and create awareness, she got to see the fruits of their work by helping to award funds as part of the mission to educate girls and women. She appreciated the opportunity to decide what organizations would win grant awards for their incredible programs that were removing all kinds of barriers to education for girls and women.

“Often times people think we only grant funds to unique programs, but sometimes we have requests for girls who need desks or books and that’s a real need for girls who are going to school,” Angela said. “There are no boundaries to what we consider, from the smallest request to what seems like in-depth efforts, they are all important.”

Angela enjoyed being an advocate for girls and women who may have been overlooked or might not have a voice in this world. During the reviews, she would ask questions that would make the Grants Review Team think more deeply and critically about the impact they could make with these donations. Everyone on the team provided different world perspectives, and she prided herself on always thinking about things from various angles because she’s worked at several institutions that gave her exposure to different communities.

In her most recent role as a board trustee, Angela has another view of the organization and how deeply it is leveraging the privilege to help girls and women around the world. With the effects of COVID this year, Angela knows these girls need CofS even more than before because they are less likely to be going to school. She believes the board is poised to continue its impact and even expand it further during this time.

“The pandemic reaffirms my commitment to CofS and encourages me to push outside of what we’ve always done and think critically about moving forward,” Angela said. “With people getting used to doing things virtually, we have the ability to share, celebrate, and commemorate this CofS milestone with the masses.”

Throughout her different roles volunteering with CofS, she always thinks about new ways the organization can be impactful. With two daughters of her own, she stays actively involved because they are a daily reminder of how important education is to girls.

“I want to make sure girls around the world have the same opportunities as my daughters because there are people like me and CofS fighting for those opportunities,” Angela said. “This anniversary is an important part of the journey.”

CofS would love to see even more people jump on board for this journey, especially by joining the board of trustees, staff, volunteers, and donors in donating on CofS’ Day of Giving today. You can donate here. We also invite our entire Circle to be part of the 10th Anniversary virtual celebration tonight featuring best-selling author Sheryl WuDunn. Click here to receive the official invite to this Zoom event at 7pm ET.

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