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Age Doesn’t Limit What You Can Do If You Believe in the Cause

Those who are currently in school are grateful to have the opportunity to get an education that will be the foundation for a better opportunity, better job potential, and a greater sense of hope. Tara Gibson, an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and the Panhellenic VP of Programs and Member Development, knows that not everyone is as fortunate as she is to be earning a college degree. This is one of the reasons she supports the Circle of Sisterhood (CofS). She wants to help provide opportunities to empower girls and women around the world through education. She is passionate about being an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

One of the reasons Tara ran for the VP position at UNCW was because she wanted to expand the knowledge about the organization in the UNCW community after seeing the previous VP create an entire week dedicated to CofS. That week was full of interactive programming, educational games, and fundraising, which really resonated with Tara. While UNCW has only been involved with CofS for a few years, they are extremely dedicated to increasing awareness. Tara is currently leading the charge to implement more educational programs on campus so the community knows how they can get involved with this mission.

“The Circle of Sisterhood Week was amazing to witness because not only the Panhellenic community got involved, but it also brought in other students on UNCW’s campus,” Tara said. “This year, CofS Week will be a little different due to COVID, but we are doing a virtual educational program with the help of the staff at CofS as part of the 10th Anniversary that will be open to the Panhellenic community and all women on campus.” 

As Tara champions for girls and women during the 10th Anniversary, she is looking forward to getting the community involved with direct donations to CofS. She is excited to see how much money they can raise at UNCW, as well as how much CofS can raise overall during this anniversary celebration. While everything is being done virtually this year on the UNCW campus, Tara sees this as an opportunity to reach even more people.

With the support of the CofS staff, Tara has been able to make the difference she was hoping for when she first ran for the position of VP at UNCW. Being able to interact with CofS Administrative Coordinator and Campus Team Lead, Annie Labo, has allowed Tara to implement programs that will move the needle even more this year. Tara and the supporters at UNCW also love that the founder of CofS, Ginny Carroll, is an Alpha Xi Delta, which is a chapter they have on the UNCW campus.

Tara is proof that you are never too young to make an impact on the world. We hope you will join Tara, the board of trustees, staff, volunteers, and donors in donating on CofS’ Day of Giving September 30th. You can donate here. We also invite our entire Circle to be part of the 10th Anniversary virtual celebration featuring best-selling author Sheryl WuDunn, by clicking here to receive the official invite to this Zoom event on September 30th at 7pm ET.

As CofS shares more stories like Tara’s leading up to its Day of Giving, be sure to join the conversation by telling us about your proudest moments that were made possible because of your ability to get an education. Be sure to tag CofS on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, as well as use #BeHerHero to come together as we work to open doors to opportunity through education.

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