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AFA Annual Meeting Recap

AFA2012Many Circle of Sisterhood volunteers were able to come together last month at the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Volunteers who were able to attend also had the chance to get together with their fellow Circle of Sisterhood supporters during a volunteer meeting on Wednesday night. It was great to see everyone together and spend some time getting to know the people behind the cause. Our volunteers come from all over the country, so getting many of them in one room for a few hours was invaluable.

One of the best things about the AFA Annual Meeting was connecting with all of our supportive fraternity and sorority advisors. The commitment from our campuses has been amazing, and it would not be possible without the excellent professionals who work with their students every day. One of the many dedicated advisors had this to say about her work with the Circle of Sisterhood and her campus:

“As a Panhellenic advisor, I was extremely excited to start my community’s involvement with the Circle of Sisterhood. I started with going to each chapter meeting and telling them about the organization and showing the video on the website. The women seemed really interested and wanting to hear more and how they could contribute. This fall, we started our fundraising efforts with donating $2 of the $5 recruitment registration fee to COS. Our newly elected president is hoping to continue the awareness and programming surrounding the organization and getting our women and men more engaged in it. What I have appreciated is the consistent outreach and gratitude Ginny and our campus ambassador have showed to JCU, even though we have started out small. I look forward to continuing the partnership and bringing some more fundraising ideas to our students! As a Jesuit institution, our mission is to develop men and women for others, and the Circle of Sisterhood is another great way to do this. Many of our Greek students attend Immersion trips domestic & international, and many of them also wind up being Immersion trip leaders! The work they do on these trips-building schools and orphanages, tutoring, and just spending quality time with children blend well into the constant aid and time Circle of Sisterhood gives to young women around the world.”

Holly Mittelmeier

Assistant Director of Student Activities

John Carroll University

The Foundation raised some funds at the AFA Annual Meeting. Winter with the Wallaces was a fabulous reception and fundraiser, hosted by Cori and David Wallace who serve as connectors and friends for Circle of Sisterhood. Volunteers, supporters, advisors, and friends gathered to have a great time for a great cause. The total amount raised was $1,270! Once again we are amazed and proud of what our community can do.

Think about hosting your own “Happy Hour for Hope” and ask friends to donate what they would have spent out to Circle of Sisterhood–you’d be amazed at how quickly it adds up!