07.09.12 / Category: Miscellaneous

$100 Challenge

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation knows that $100 can change the course of a girl’s life.

  • That check you can write today can provide healthy meals and snacks to a young girl in a school across the globe, and for a malnourished student, that small gift changes their academic achievement.
  • We know $100 can build a library or a resource center that can teach a young girl a trade so that she can work instead of be forced into prostitution.
  • A mere $100 can be used for reproductive health education to help avoid girls from becoming pregnant at a young age.
  • There are many more examples like this and with your help, the sky is the limit with our impact across the world!

Think about it and consider forfeiting that nice date night you had planned or the pair of shoes you were buying online. Send a check today, then post to your Facebook, Twitter or blog that you accepted the $100 Circle of Sisterhood challenge and encourage your friends to do the same. As a small thank-you for your gift, we’ll happily send you a Circle of Sisterhood t-shirt. (While supplies last, include preferred t-shirt size and mailing address on check).

All tax-deductible donations can be mailed to: Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, P.O. Box 90257, Indianapolis, IN 46290.