Fundraising Ideas

101 WAYS TO RAISE $100

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation’s mission is to leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women to support entities around the world that remove educational barriers for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression.

Here are 101 ways you can raise money to support the efforts of the Circle of Sisterhood. Be creative and have fun! Success comes from enjoying the experience and knowing you are sharing an important message about the need to provide educational opportunities for women and girls worldwide.

1. First, make your donation at

2. Ask 10 friends to donate $10.

3. Ask 5 friends to donate $20.

4. And So On — ask 10 friends to ask 10 friends and so on and so on. Have a central collection date for everyone to bring their donations.

5. Participate in the #BeHerHero Campaign –

6. Host a yard sale.

7. Collect change.

8. Donate one day’s wages or tips.

9. Ask a local restaurant to donate one day’s tips.

10. Be a pet sitter.

11. Walk dogs.

12. Conduct a bake sale.

13. Babysit or set up babysitting services for an event.

14. Sell candy.

15. Wash windows.

16. Rake leaves, trim bushes, water plants, weed gardens.

17. Shovel snow.

18. Sell lemonade.

19. Clean a neighbor’s garage.

20. Do face painting at events (carnivals, festivals, etc.).

21. Get pizza donated and sell it by the slice.

22. Sell bracelets or glow necklaces.

23. Make and sell jewelry.

24. Create and sell holiday cards.

25. Host a silent auction.

26. Create your own online fundraising page to share with your own circle of influence. Visit our website, click on Support Us in the bottom right-hand corner and then select Create a Campaign.

27. Set up a birthday or holiday wish.

28. Send a letter to family and friends explaining the mission and purpose of the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation and ask for their support. Always ask for more than you expect. Include a “response needed by” date.

29. Ask the company you work for to match your personal donation.

30. Set up a challenge at a regular meeting you attend (chapter meeting, bible study, club meetings, civic meetings, etc.). Challenge gifts can be quite small. Tell people you’ll donate $1 for every $5 they give (or $5 for every $20). Set a time limit at the meeting: “We now have the Sally Smith challenge. For the next five minutes, Sally will give $1 for every $5 that is donated to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation.”

31. Cash in your change. According to, the average U.S. household has nearly $90.00 of spare change just sitting around.

32. Sell your old gold and silver (broken jewelry, single earrings, etc.).

33. Sell the stuff you never use on eBay or Craig’s List.

34. Invite people to your birthday party and ask that in lieu of gifts, they donate to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation.

35. Sell books, DVDs, CDs at Half Price Books or other book resellers.

36. Have a used book sale.

37. Host a Karaoke Night — pay to sing your favorite song, pay not to have to sing.

38. Hold a poor-taste clothing day (Bad Christmas sweater, bad bridesmaid dress) — pay to participate or not to participate.

39. Collect aluminum cans and sell them at a recycling center.

40. Are you a great cook? Host a cooking class.

41. Host a chili cook-off.

42. Host your favorite “thon” (rock-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, bounce-a-thon, jump rope-a-thon, teeter-totter-a-thon, swing-a-thon, dance-a-thon) — get hourly sponsors.

43. Host a spaghetti dinner; charge an admission price. Dessert can be extra! (Can also be done as a pancake breakfast, barbeque, etc.)

44. Get three friends to help you host a progressive dinner. Start at one person’s home for hors d’oeuvres, progress to the next person’s home for soup or salad, go to the next home for the main course and have dessert at the last home. Either charge by course or for the whole package.

45. Find local restaurants that will give you a percentage of sales for every person who uses a Circle of Sisterhood coupon/voucher on a given day.

46. Sell flowers for Valentine’s Day and deliver them for extra tips.

47. Turn a personal goal into a fundraiser (i.e. pounds lost, days without chocolate, miles run, miles ridden on a bicycle, miles walked, etc.).

48. Have an “empty your pockets” day and collect change from everyone in your office/chapter/class.

49. Encourage tribute gifts; ask friends to donate in honor/memory of someone special.

50. Conduct a car wash.

51. Have a local business donate an item or gift basket for a raffle.

52. Organize a service raffle. Get four people (one can be you) to donate a simple but valuable service that many people could use. Services can include childcare for a whole weekend or for any weekend night two weekends in a row, pet sitting, one day of housecleaning, yard work, car washing/detailing, cooking a meal, house painting (interior or exterior), etc.

52. Coordinate a video game/arcade tournament.

53. Hold product sales (cookies, popcorn, candy, candles, first aid kits, etc.).

54. Have a penny run. Organize teams of people to collect pennies.

55. Conduct penny wars. Pennies are positive points, silver coins are negative. Teams compete to get as much silver donated into the competitors boxes while collecting as many pennies as possible. The good news: all the change counts for the charity.

56. Have a plant sale.

57. Teach a seminar on a topic you know: knitting, organic gardening, organizing, gourmet cooking, baking, dog grooming, etc. Charge a fee to attend and learn.

58. Hold a “Guess the Baby” photo competition; participants pay a fee to make a guess or vote for the cutest baby.

59. Host a house party. Do not charge admission. Invite as many people as you can. During the party, give a short talk about the Circle of Sisterhood and ask everyone to consider a gift of $10, $20 or more (depending on the crowd). Either distribute envelopes and ask people to give then, or after the party contact everyone who came and ask for a larger gift. Indicate that you have given and, if appropriate, how much you have given.

60. Make and sell pies.

61. Offer to clean houses.

62. Contribute coupon savings.

63. Set aside single dollar bills each week.

64. Manage a coat check room at an event.

65. Coordinate a concert with local bands in town and/or on your campus.

66. Host a “Make Your Own Sundae” event.

67. Sell Turkey Grams/Ghoul Grams/Bunny Grams for a small fee during various holidays. The grams can be delivered with a message from the buyer. Add a singing telegram for an extra fee.

68. Serve as an usher at sporting events, concerts, plays, etc.

69. Hold a 3-on-3 basketball tournament – Charge a team of 3-4 players $40 for entrance and ask local businesses for prize donations. If you provide t-shirts for the event, you could raise the entrance fee. (Also try kickball, dodgeball, softball, frisbee golf, etc.).

70. Sell temporary tattoos at a sporting event (i.e. with university logo or team logo).

71. Hold a 50/50 raffle where half the donations go to Circle of Sisterhood, half go to the donor (hopefully, they will donate their winnings to the cause, too).

72. Skip-a-Latte — Ask friends to save the money they would normally spend on coffee for a month and donate it (could also be pizza, soda, bagel, etc.)

73. Hold a Mud Volleyball Tournament.

74. Hold a Powder Puff football game.

75. Set up a recurring gift or electronic funds transfer for $8.33 per month.

76. Conduct an indoor triathlon: laps in the pool + stationary bike + treadmill.

77. Set up an obstacle course for people to pay to go through.

78. Hold a World’s Largest record breaking event; charge an entrance fee to participate.

79. Set up a dunk tank; find “celebrities” to sit in the tank (professors, coaches, bosses, community leaders, etc.).

80. Hold an old-fashioned cake walk. Sell tickets to participate plus ask everyone to bring a cake/pie/cupcakes to present as prizes. The game is played like musical chairs.

81. Host a Guitar Hero or Rock Band competition with prizes for highest score. Participants must pay an entrance fee.

82. Hold a Twister Tournament.

83. Host a miniature golf tournament. Present a “Masters” green jacket to the winner. Get hole sponsorships from friends or local businesses.

84. Instead of a full golf tournament, set up golf events on a golf course practice area. Provide prizes for longest drive on the driving range, shortest drive, longest chip shot, longest putt on the putting green, etc.

85. Hold a Punt, Pass and Kick tournament.

86. Host a Tug-of-War tournament.

87. Host a #BeHerHero education series asking for donations in the amount of $3.30 so a girl can get a noon meal for a year, $13 so a girl can go to school for an entire year or $7 so a girl can have a set of textbooks (remember supplies are not always best as these figures equate to what it costs for a girl to obtain these things).

88. Book Club — Organize a group to read Half the Sky and conduct a discussion; ask everyone for a donation to the Circle of Sisterhood as well as ask each member to host her own book club to share to story.

89. Hold a masquerade party and invite guests to attend and bring a pre-determined gift amount.

90. Email Signatures — include a link to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation website ( at the end of your email signature and ask recipients to donate to the cause.

91. Manicure Night — Invite girlfriends over for manicures; ask them to donate what they normally would have spent at a spa.

92. Jeans Day/Casual Day — Get permission from the human resources department and encourage your co-workers to make a gift of at least $5 in exchange for wearing jeans or dressing casually.

93. Ask senior executives/administrators to donate a premium parking space, lunch with the CEO or time off. Auction the items to raise funds.

94. Prime Parking — Get a designated parking space in a prime location restricted for the year. Conduct a silent auction for each month with the winner receiving the privilege of parking in that spot the entire month.

95. Sell official Circle of Sisterhood Foundation t-shirts with proceeds benefiting the Circle of Sisterhood! You can work with one of our officially licensed vendors. Before purchasing from a vendor, investigate whether the vendor is licensed to use CofS trademarks by visiting this link:

Or if you want to work with a local vendor who is not licensed, please ask them to get licensed. For information on becoming a licensed vendor of the Circle of Sisterhood, please be sure your service provider contacts: Melissa Jean-Baptiste, Affinity Consultants,  All official vendors are screened for high quality, appropriate products and good customer service.

96. Designate a certain dollar amount from each event registration (sorority recruitment, Officer or Leadership Academy, conference, seminar, etc.) for the Circle of Sisterhood.

97. Coupon books — Many department stores will have coupon books that can be sold as a fundraiser. For $5, the recipient gets $50 worth of store coupons.

98. Sing-off — Invite local a cappella groups to compete or perform; charge an entrance fee.

99. Room Make-over — Sell tickets for a chance to have a room made over. Get local businesses to sponsor or donate in-kind items such as paint, furniture, curtains, etc. Be as creative as the home shows are. Or set up competitions for the best room make-over.

100. Host a murder mystery dinner party and charge per each seat.

101. Silpada/Pampered Chef/Tupperware, etc. Parties — Host a party; ask the coordinator to donate a percentage of the sales from the event to the Circle of Sisterhood.

Have you come up with your own event or fundraising idea? Share it with us at