Our Story

The Cause

For too many girls and women around the world, access to quality education is often limited. Two thirds of all illiterate adults in the world are female, and not even seven percent of the world’s population has a college degree. Education is an answer to many of the global issues related to women – poverty, oppression, misogyny, brutality. Ultimately, more and more educated girls will mean stronger and healthier villages, communities, and entire countries.

“One study after another has shown that educating girls is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty. Schooling is often a precondition for girls and women to stand up against injustice, and for women to be integrated into the economy. Until women are numerate and literate, it is difficult for them to start businesses or contribute meaningfully to their economies.” HALF THE SKY pg. 168

Quality schooling is the great emancipator from poverty and despair and will provide a better life for a woman and her family. The Circle of Sisterhood exists today to help make that better life possible for women and girls around the globe, through education.