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Think back to your elementary school math days.  Remember Venn Diagrams?  It is a visual representation of the relationship of information within two circles.  The two circles intersect where the relationship is maximized and all the values between the two circles are aligned. Our Circle – the Circle of Sisterhood – is committed to leveraging […]

Many of the professional women connected to sorority members gathered together last month at the Association for Fraternity and Sorority Advisors annual meeting. Yet again, I was reminded of why I’m building a personal connection to the Circle of Sisterhood. I believe we can figure out a social solution to repairing the disparity in education […]

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January comes each year and millions around the world resolve to eat less, clean more, work more efficiently, quit smoking, etc. But, what if we could help you resolve to make a true difference in the world? Founder of the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, Ginny Carroll, has a few recommended resolutions that you can put on […]

What is your definition of a “philanthropist?” Do you conjure up thoughts of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, billionaires committed to changing healthcare and poverty globally? Do you think of men like Rockefeller or Carnegie, industrialists who made so much money that it still goes to work today? How about the wife of McDonald’s legend […]

When you choose to support the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, one way the campus communities can do is buying their custom t-shirts and/or other products through our preferred vendor for apparel and merchandise, Innova Ideas & Services. Every apparel order you place helps us help oppressed girls and women around the world get the education […]