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I’ll be honest right up front.  I’m not the best writer.  I’m a much better communicator in-person.  I talk with my hands; my voice goes through a range of inflections and gets louder as I become more excited.  So it’s hard for me to convey in writing how passionate I am about volunteering for the […]

As a senior at the University of Kentucky, with commencement around the corner, my mind is filled with many thoughts and worries about the future. Where will I live?  What kind of job will I land?  Where is my life going from here? But one question in particular has been nagging my brain these past […]

VoiceFlame ignites personal, community and global transformation for girls and women through the power of writing and education. VoiceFlame envisions a world where writing and education are unifying forces for gender equality and the betterment of society. Circle of Sisterhood awarded VoiceFlame a $2,500 grant to fund the training of and supplies for teachers to […]

A true testament to the importance of collaboration and networking, the Grand Valley State University Panhellenic Association cosponsored an educational event with WGVU Radio. WGVU Radio is a public radio station owned and operated by Grand Valley State. They are also an affiliate of PBS, and partially because of that relationship they sponsored an event […]

NETwork Against Malaria is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria through the purchase and distribution of insecticide treated nets (ITN). Circle of Sisterhood provided a $4,000 grant to NETwork Against Malaria to support their work with children in rural Uganda. NETwork Against Malaria distributes ITNs to children, pregnant women, and families […]