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EGBOK’s (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) mission is an international non‐profit organization empowering underprivileged youth with the educational and vocational training needed to support themselves as hospitality professionals. The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is excited to grant $2,000 to the EGBOK mission. EGBOK will use this grant to provide schooling, housing, supplies, and a stipend for […]

In the Sacred Valley of Peru, the world’s most direct descendants of the Inca Empire live in extreme poverty, struggling to meet even the most basic of needs. One of the most severe problems for rural villages in the region is a lack of access to public services. For example, children have to walk up […]

Think back to your elementary school math days.  Remember Venn Diagrams?  It is a visual representation of the relationship of information within two circles.  The two circles intersect where the relationship is maximized and all the values between the two circles are aligned. Our Circle – the Circle of Sisterhood – is committed to leveraging […]

Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.  – Roger Tory Peterson In my yard, I have several birdfeeders.  They were always more for decoration or for my children than for me, although I did try my best to keep them full.  Today, I see […]

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Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.  ~W. Clement Stone In 1998, I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania to help establish a study-abroad program.  While there, I visited a Baptist seminary with a colleague who had founded the school many years before.  As we walked the grounds, he pointed to the trees along the […]

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