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August is here and (not surprisingly) we’re already in the thick of back to school (BTS) season. Advertisements and commercials jam-packed with fun, new fashion trends and school supplies to boost productivity are a dime a dozen. For most, it’s an exciting time – for parents, kids are going back to school and getting into […]

There are many barriers to education for girls and one of those can be puberty. The World Health Organization and UNICEF have acknowledged that there is a significant link between the poor provision of menstrual hygiene solutions and low female participation in education. Improving girls’ access to proper menstruation hygiene has the power to lead […]

The Circle of Sisterhood supports entities that remove barriers to education for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression. Because of the generous support of our donors, we’ve had an impact in eighteen countries since our founding in 2010.  One of the many organizations Circle of Sisterhood has been able to provide funding to is […]

VoiceFlame ignites personal, community and global transformation for girls and women through the power of writing and education. VoiceFlame envisions a world where writing and education are unifying forces for gender equality and the betterment of society. Circle of Sisterhood awarded VoiceFlame a $2,500 grant to fund the training of and supplies for teachers to […]

NETwork Against Malaria is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria through the purchase and distribution of insecticide treated nets (ITN). Circle of Sisterhood provided a $4,000 grant to NETwork Against Malaria to support their work with children in rural Uganda. NETwork Against Malaria distributes ITNs to children, pregnant women, and families […]