06.26.24 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

How We Work To Remove Barriers of Education – Volume 2, Episode 11: Surge for Water


Circle of Sisterhood’s vlog series continues with our latest episode featuring a grant award that helped to provide menstrual hygiene health solutions and education to girls in Uganda. Tune in to learn more about Surge for Water’s Menstrual Health Program and how Circle of Sisterhood provided funds for personnel, equipment, and reusable pad-making supplies as part of Surge’s efforts to keep 2,500+ rural Ugandan girls in school.

About Surge for Water

Surge for Water is dedicated to enhancing community well-being by investing in water, sanitation, hygiene, and menstrual health solutions. By addressing these vital areas, Surge aims to uplift education, health, income, and overall quality of life. Improving menstrual health services and reducing the stigma surrounding menstruation is particularly crucial, as it directly impacts girls’ school attendance and dropout rates. In sub-Saharan communities, inadequate menstrual health resources and stigma force girls to miss up to four days of school per month. In Uganda alone, nearly a quarter of secondary school girls drop out after their first period, while 64% miss school due to menstruation, and 29% lack access to sanitary pads. 

Surge’s Menstrual Health Program aims to break down barriers to education by providing menstrual health education, infrastructure, and resources to at least 2,500 low-income girls. Led by a team of female social workers and nurses, the program includes the installation of six new girls’ school toilets equipped with changing stations, incinerators for pads, and handwashing facilities, alongside culturally sensitive and interactive menstrual health education. Training on reusable pad-making further empowers girls by ensuring sustainable access to menstrual products. Through approximately 200 classes, covering topics such as hygiene, body and cycle management, product usage, body agency, sisterhood, and stigma reduction, Surge seeks to educate and empower girls in intimate class settings.