05.29.24 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

How We Work To Remove Barriers of Education – Volume 2, Episode 10: Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee

Explore the newest episode of the Circle of Sisterhood vlog series as we delve into the profound impact of Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee and their 2020 grant award funded by the Panhellenic community at the University of South Carolina. See firsthand the incredible changes education is bringing about in our latest episode!

Since 2011, the University of South Carolina’s Panhellenic Council has been a valued campus partner of the Circle of Sisterhood. Their dedicated efforts have raised over $100,000, supporting initiatives such as school builds in Nicaragua and Senegal, as well as grants for organizations like Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee, Street Business School, and Rain for the Sahel and Sahara.

About Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee

Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee empowers individuals to overcome the barriers of poverty through education, mentoring, and access to resources. Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee recognizes that the most effective way to transform the lives of individuals is by offering High School Equivalency classes and enhancing English language proficiency, along with providing opportunities to develop job skills and computer literacy. 

Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee operates with a holistic understanding of poverty, recognizing it as a barrier not only to financial resources but also to opportunities crucial for personal and professional growth. Through comprehensive educational programs, Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee quips participants with academic knowledge while fostering critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and agency. Mentoring is integral to Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee’s approach, providing guidance and inspiration to navigate educational and personal challenges. Additionally, Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee offers vital resources like childcare, transportation assistance, and financial literacy training to overcome logistical barriers hindering access to education and employment. Collaborating with community partners amplifies Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee’s impact, creating a supportive network for individuals and families. Through its dedication to empowerment and collaboration, Begin Anew of Middle Tennessee is a beacon of hope, breaking the cycle of poverty and building brighter futures across Middle Tennessee.