06.19.13 / Category: Impact - Grant Awards

Grantee Spotlight: GoodWeave

GoodWeave girlImagine being a 13-year-old girl in Afghanistan. Your family makes and sells rugs as it’s only source of income, and in order for your family to make enough rugs, you must stay home and weave instead of attending school with your brothers. You weave nearly 14 hours a day, without making any wages, and rarely leave your home or interact with people outside of your family. When you ask about opportunities for education like your brothers have, you are told your duty is to your family and that school is not an option.

One day, you meet a woman who works for an organization called GoodWeave. She tells you that the mission of her organization is to help girls like you obtain education and to stop you from being exploited. The people from GoodWeave offer to talk with your Dad about the importance of providing you with education. He adamantly refuses at first–but eventually they convince him that you should have some home schooling with a female educator from the area. Soon, not only are you receiving education, but 13 of your female family members have begun attending these classes as well. You have now changed the future of your entire family. This is the story of Basma, a young girl who has benefitted from GoodWeave.

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is proud to announce that GoodWeave is one of our Spring 2013 grant recipients. The $5,000 we are able to give to the organization will allow GoodWeave take 50 girls like Basma and give them the opportunity to overcome educational barriers and change their futures. GoodWeave seeks to provide

…Emancipation, education, rehabilitation, and shelter to young victims and preventing children from entering the workforce by offering schooling for at-risk children to attack and eliminate the cyclical problems of illiteracy and poverty created when children are forced to work rather than receive an education.

GoodWeave is already well established in Nepal and India. This grant will help the growth of the organization’s newest branch in Afghanistan. This will aid women and children throughout Afghanistan, where the literacy rate for girls is a mere 13%. Because of the money raised across the country by our Circle of Sisterhood campuses, we will be able to aid GoodWeave as they aim to provide increased educational opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan.  Thank you for your continued support that allows Basma, and countless other girls like her change their lives for the better.

KaitlinKirkHeadshotThis blog was written by Kaitlin Kirk. Kaitlin is a volunteer with the Circle of Sisterhood, working primarily with the marketing committee. She currently serves as the Coordinator of Greek Affairs at the University of Alabama Birmingham.  Kaitlin is a proud member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.